For many it might be the key question that compels us to look into spirituality: What is a soul and do we have one? In many cultures a soul is imagined as an ethereal substance that resides inside a body and leaves the body when we die to go to the heavens or to reincarnate in another body. 

Due to my personal experiences and insights, I feel like this is a very simplified way of saying that a soul is a non-physical force that is connected with our bodies. See your soul as your essence that goes beyond body, personality, language or human understanding. I prefer to call it ‘consciousness’ or ‘intelligent energy’ cause that, in essence, is a soul. It is the state of being. From one cell organisms to humans; they’re all part of everything that is in existence, only their level of consciousness varies.

Your soul did not enter your body

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.’ (-Walter M. Miller, Jr.). Have you ever heard that term? It indicates that our true essence is the soul, and our bodies are merely just vessels through which we can express ourselves in a physical way. I believe that a soul includes both, the material and the non material elements of existence. Our body is as much an expression of our soul as our thoughts are and our consciousness is. The non-material aspects (intangible) and the physical aspects (tangible) make up our souls expression on different levels (material and non material expressions). A soul doesn’t have a location within the body, it is the entire body plus all the non-material elements. Although our soul includes the physical parts of our existence, it is not limited to them or dependent on them and it can depart from the body. The body is the physical expression (‘copy’ or ‘translation’) of our non-physical essence.

I can’t avoid talking about multidimensionality as I’m trying to explain what a soul is, even though that would be a whole other chapter. Simply said: You exist on different levels. Imagine them as layers that can exist in the same location at the same time. Similar to light waves that we can’t see, for example UV or infra red. These light waves are always part of our surroundings, they’re just on a frequency that we are not able to see or perceive.

Similar to that, your soul (consciousness) resides on different levels or layers and is focused more on some of these levels than on others. You are overly aware of one of these layers – your physical and therefore lowest expression of yourself. The higher the frequency, the less physical is the expression. Therefore, you exist on a multitude of levels in different, yet connected, form. Your soul projects itself down these ‘steps’ (dimensions) and becomes more physical in the process. By stepping ‘down’ these layers, the soul does not move, it just changes frequency and leaves a blueprint on every level. All these blueprints are parts of the soul and your being in its entirety.

Ever wondered why we know when someone is staring at us even though we have our back turned to them? These are your non-physical senses that overlap with your physical body! There are several ethereal and energetic bodies ‘around’ your physical body that reside on different levels / dimensions. The layers with a frequency closer to your physical body are also being called ‘the auric field’.

You are your soul, and yes, you have a body. But your soul does not go into an existing body, the body is created through an already existing soul that projects itself into physicality.

In order for a baby to be born, there has to be a soul on higher dimensions who decides to be born as a human first. The soul then starts to lower its vibration until the frequency matches the biological matter of mother and father and the higher vibrational parts of the soul can merge and start to express itself through physical matter. The baby starts to grow in the image of the soul.

Your body is simply the result of how your original frequency, your essence, translates into physicality. Your body is how your soul looks in physical form so to say.

So, the question that started this article: Do we have a soul? Yes. We ARE our soul. All of us is part of our soul. Body. Thoughts. Consciousness. Awareness. Our soul is able to exist without a body, simply by not projecting itself into the third dimension (the physical realm we act in as humans). But a body is not able to live and function without a soul since it is the direct extension of the soul itself.

If a soul decides to leave the body (when we die), it simply stops projecting itself into the third dimension and therefore the life force for the body is cut off. Because physical matter is dense the body doesn’t disappear right away when it isn’t connected to the higher expressions of the soul anymore. The momentum (body) that has been created remains in the physical realm until it leaves through one of the elements (earth when it is being buried; fire if it is being burned) until the consciousness / energy that was stored there starts to continue its journey through the dimensions.


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  • Delia says:

    Egyptians mummified their bodies to escape the cycle of reincarnation. I’d love to hear your thoughts about mummification.

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