Have you ever asked yourself why most spiritually interested people start working with crystals at one point? What makes these beautiful looking rocks so special and why do we feel like carrying them around;  may it be around our neck, in our bags or just having them in our space at home?

Just like any other thing in existence, crystals hold consciousness, just ‘less’ of it or more so ‘in another way’ than other living beings like animals or humans. When our auric field connects with that of a crystal, we bond with it on a subconscious level. The Mayas even believed that information can be stored in crystals and that one also would be able to ‘download’ this information from there again, similar to an USB stick. Ever heard of the hidden crystal skulls? These skulls are made of clear quartz and are said to be leftovers from the Mayas with ancient, divine knowledge stored in them. Supposedly there are several ones around the world, which – when brought together – shall reveal the secrets of all life and creation. Unfortunately there are only replicas in museums and the real ones with all the knowledge stored in them are said to be hidden. That might sound funny at first, but keep in mind that every computer- or smartphone-chip has crystalline materials in them – even today!

Crystals also combine the grounding, earthy energy with the cosmic energy. Since our energetic body is a combination of ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ aka ‘grounding’ and ‘cosmic’ energy (chakras), a crystal represents the mini version of our energetic blue print. They can be a subtle aid for our auric field and can help us balance our energies. It’s really funny with crystals; once you start collecting and working with them, you can’t stop. It feels like having little stone babies, haha!

We can draw energy from them by having them around (the subtle aid that we just mentioned) or we can consciously try to draw information from them by meditating with them.

If you haven’t worked with crystals yet, just get one that you really like. I recommend buying crystals in a store, where you can touch, see and feel them. You will feel drawn to a crystal, and sometimes it’s not the prettiest, but the one that ‘communicates’ with you and wants to come with you. The crystal chooses you.

I’d consider clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz as the perfect beginner crystals and the ones I personally also use most of the time.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the allrounder of all the crystals. It has a cleansing vibe in and of itself to it and is a neutralizer of energies when put together with other crystals. Clear Quartz is the only crystal that doesn’t need to be “cleansed” (with salt or water) because it neutralizes or emphasizes all energies instead of holding one in specific. So, other crystals can be cleansed of energy by putting them near clear quartz.


Amethyst is the typical ‘meditation crystal’. Its energy is connected to our crown chakra and helps us open up to information from ‘above’. Above is not meant locally in this example, rather in a way that amethyst helps us draw information from our higher self, our ‘higher consciousness’ that we normally can’t access that easily in our waking state. It is also a great crystal to shield oneself from negative energies while meditating.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is also called the ‘love stone’ and it really is. It is the crystal of unconditional love and has a soothing, female energy to it. It is said to be a bonding stone that gently aids us in our relationships; may it be with our loved ones, the earth or ourselves. It is great for women since it radiates a lot of femininity, sensuality and nurture, just like women do. It is a stone to feel comfortable and cozy around and it is the perfect one to take with you to bed for a better sleep.


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