Spiritual loneliness‘ or ‘spiritual isolation‘ is a term used for the feeling of being alone with your world views after a spiritual awakening.

A spiritual awakening is not a very social thing to experience. We find our perceptions suddenly out of alignment with those around us and we set different priorities. This can make us feel disconnected from friends and our family. Not many of us are in the position to experience a spiritual awakening in companionship. I luckily have been and I am endlessly grateful for it. Two of my closest friends and I had our spiritual awakening together, went through it all with mutual support and exchange of insights. I was even lucky enough to find members of my family to be on the same path with me. I don’t even want to think about how hard it must be to go through it alone and to be the one who ‘stands out’ and can’t relate to anyone around them anymore.

I am so proud of all of you out there, who are or were going through this! 

As we become more comfortable and confident with our new gained insight, the ones around us will soften to the idea that we’ve changed, even though they might not get why and mock us for our new beliefs and views.

We’ve all been there: You’re desperately trying to explain something to one of your not awakened friends or family members and it is as if you are talking to an energetic wall. Even though your loved ones might try to understand you, you can feel the disruption and that what you explain feels as real as Neverland to them. They might even be worried about you and ask you if everything is okay.

Consider that you can’t help everyone and that you also shouldn’t shove your truth down other peoples’ throats. There is no way to explain spiritual understanding. You can open the doors for people but they need to go through them on their own. And it is their right to close these doors again, too.

I remember the internal anxiety I experienced as more and more was being revealed to me. My ego went into panic mode and I felt like I needed to tell everyone (especially the people I love) how the world ‘really works’, how there is so much more than what they concern themselves with in their daily life and I thought it would be important for them to know that we’re being controlled from the shadows.

I had the feeling that I need to wake them up, to save them, because I, myself, still acted from a place of fear back then. What happened was that I used to tell people about the things that I got insight into and it scared them. My spiritual progress went on and I would eventually transcend these fear based perceptions and gain a deeper understanding of how they really play out in our dimension, but the people who I had fed with the pieces that weren’t for them stayed stuck in these theories that made them afraid and I had to go through some damage control with them. So, if there’s one rule that we should never break it’s to respect other people’s free will and this can also mean them not wanting to know something.

Instead, try to understand their perspective. Not everyone is ready for a reality crash and the feeling that everything we think we know might be invalid. That’s a big step and opening the box of Pandora means to never be able to close it again. It is literally life changing and you can’t make that decision for someone else. I’ve learned that lesson myself.

Not all souls are on the same path.

It is absolutely normal and okay that we want to share our knowledge because it inevitably starts playing a big role in our lives, but the first thing to remember oneself of is that not all souls are on the same journey. A beloved family member who is perfectly adapted to the matrix and doesn’t concern themselves with anything out of the ‘ordinary’ could be an ascended master on another level taking a break in form of this ‘buffer life’ from all the intense spiritual work. Existence is way too multidimensional to judge a book by its cover and every person lives through different aspects of their soul on different dimensions simultaneously.

Always remember that everything you ever learn about a person and their soul is just adaptable on the one incarnation you’re currently familiar with. This is just a humbling thought to keep in the back of your mind.

You don’t need to save anyone, and if you feel that someone doesn’t resonate with what you tell them, don’t force it upon them. Sharing one’s truth is a powerful and important thing, but you can stand in your truth without the need to make everyone else believe it. Those who are supposed to resonate with what you have to say will do so anyway and you can be a catalyst for them.

We need to find the balance between sharing our truth and respecting everyone’s journey. We’re here to open the doors for those who were already looking for the path that leads there.


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