We are just visitors on earth.

Our true origin lays in the infinite consciousness of all that is. We are not in the universe, we are created of it; galactic adventurers who decided to experience life on this beautiful, amazing planet for a little while. It is an honor to cross paths with you in this space.

I experienced my spiritual awakening as a consequence of several near death experiences in my early childhood and an open heart surgery I had to undergo when I was 19. The surgery was a catalyst for me and I could puzzle together the strange memories I had from when I had died for a few moments twice as a child.

Ever since, the cosmic veil has been lifted for me and I realized my strong connection to cosmic information and the higher realms. I fully committed to self realization and healing and I started to explore the mysteries of our universe and our existence. Getting to know myself as a being beyond form and stepping into a higher perspective has brought me a level of inner peace I never thought was possible.

I want to give you the tools to re-connect with your cosmic expression and to re-gain a deeper understanding of who you truly are. I want to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn along my spiritual journey and encourage you to live out of a place of co-creation rather than looking for the ‘guru’ in the external world.

I wish to empower you to seek truth from within and to deeply realize that you’re capable of creating your own reality. Besides sharing my knowledge and addressing large spiritual concepts, I mentor and guide people with a spiritual or holistic approach in building their own online business that aligns with their values by leveraging social media. Working together with wonderful, like-minded souls is a powerful experience for everyone involved and together we create a portal of abundance and new possibilities.


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