Hello! My name is Isabelle Gloria!

I’m a media designer, model, artist and self explorer. I live near Stuttgart in Germany.

As long as I can think of, I’ve always been interested in the ‘unknown’. I could never understand why people wouldn’t ask the vital questions of life, since I already asked them to myself when I was only 4 or 5.
What is the meaning of life? Why are we here and where do we go? Why is there anything at all?

As a teenager I made experiences in the gothic scene which was a first impulse that nudged me on my spiritual path. I used to read a lot about witches and the different ideas of what God is, I gathered information about spiritual principles and started to meditate.

When I was barely 19, I had to undergo a major open heart surgery which in the end turned out to be my spiritual catalyst. I’ve gathered a lot of spiritual knowledge until then but the experience of the surgery, and also the time before and after it, triggered a flood of information coming to me. It was like a veil had been lifted and I was now ready and open for cosmic information.

Besides spirituality, I’m a lover of fashion and see it as so much more than just clothing. It is self discovery, passion, lived creativity and so much more every single day. Fashion tells you a lot about a person without using any words.

I’ve always been the ‘weirdo’ – in school, amongst people in my age,  just everywhere at any time: I didn’t fit in! I always liked different things, I had different hobbies, I had a whole different world view. It turned me into an outsider and for a while, especially as a young teen girl, I tried to fit in. I forced myself to go clubbing even though I hated it, I tried to listen to ‘normal’ music instead of what I really liked, I was hiding myself in order to please others. Luckily, it didn’t take me long to realize that I don’t want to live like that. I wanted to be free, I wanted to express myself, I wanted to no longer hold back any creative energy that was building up inside of me. I started to wear black clothing, patent leather skirts, long coats, black lipstick and fishnets – the full on gothic every single day,  just because I liked it and because I realized I was free enough to simply do that, not trying to please anyone. Nowadays, I wouldn’t dress like I did back then, but it was the beginning of a lot of self work and self exploration. I started to absolutely love my uniqueness and because I loved it, others did too and I changed from the ‘weirdo’ into a girl that could inspire others around her to also do what they truly want …Today I am still a weirdo, but a free weirdo who LOVES to be one and sprinkles her weirdness everywhere, haha.

With this blog I want to show you my way of fusing a spiritual lifestyle with self expression through fashion and style. It is all connected. Just as spirituality is not just sitting in Buddha pose, fashion is not only something superficial. It can be any form of self expression and empowerment, a fracture of the soul that needs its creative outlet. What would a David Bowie be without the crazy looks? How dull would the world be without all these people with their own individual styles?


What to expect on the blog?

You can expect a lot of posts about fashion, lifestyle, self expression and female empowerment. I want to give advice on how to embrace yourself fully, how to love yourself, how to explore and how to get in touch with your own spiritual self (it is hidden inside there somewhere, I promise ;)).  I want to translate complex spiritual concepts into easy step-by-step kind of explanations, so everyone will be able to understand the core meaning of them. There is so much more to discover than just the things we already know about and I want to open these doors into the ‘unknown’ in a lighthearted, lifestyle-based way.


The ‘special’ category

Within the category ‘Spirituality’ you can find another category called ‘Advanced Spirituality‘.

The advanced section is for more complex spiritual content and not meant to be the focus of the blog. Articles posted in this category will most likely not appear as a banner on top of the blog but rather be a ‘secret tip‘ for those who really want to dive headfirst  into things like dimensions, ascension, parallel universes, aliens and so on.

As I have the desire to get that ‘deep stuff’ out but know that most people won’t relate to it, I decided to make this compromise and just post these things in a separate category especially for those people who want to read about it. To make it easy for those who want to skip these ‘intense’ posts, they’re marked as ‘advanced’ with a little graphic.



Yes, I definitely do plan to start Youtube soon. I just still feel a little weird in front of a filming camera but I will expand my comfort zone and get everything started – promise! 🙂 Until then you can already subscribe to my Youtube Channel.



If you want to get in touch with me and have a business or private inquiry, just use the contact form or write me an e-mail: contact@isabellegloria.com.
I am happy to read from you!