What are etheric cords? What is the difference to spiritual ties?

Throughout our life, we energetically connect to the people around us. Our energetic bodies communicate with each other without us noticing and so called ‘etheric cords’ are created with the people you are emotionally attached to in any way. While so called ‘spiritual ties’ seem to be very similar to etheric cords, etheric cords are actually a connection based on negative energy and dense feelings and emotions. Spiritual ties on the other hand are formed due to an already existing spiritual connection on a higher dimension and are created through the encounter of two people from the same soul family. You can indeed have both with one and the same person.

Why you should cut etheric cords to others

Etheric cords are connections that are not beneficial for you in the long run. If you share etheric cords with a person, it is because you also share pain, trauma or any other negative emotion or experience with them. This is not to blame on any side of the connection, but by keeping these etheric cords intact, you’re constantly feeding each other the energy of what you should let go of; it creates an intense emotional attachment that seeps over in all aspects of your life. You can imagine it as your energetic body being ‘tainted’ by energy that’s not supposed to be there anymore. By re-enforcing the old patterns over and over again and keeping them in a stream of energy between you and other people, you are unable to really ‘get over’ and ‘detach’ from them. This attachment is even there if the person you’re sharing these cords with is not present in your physical life anymore. It will also affect any other relationship you may have in the future with other people. Your etheric cords hold the energy of your past challenges and by sharing them (energetically) with someone else, they can never fully leave your present self and may keep you in a state of repetition of old patterns. Cutting or pulling etheric cords is always beneficial, as they’re simply connections based on low vibrational energy. Spiritual ties, the ‘good’ connections, are not supposed to and can never be cut.

By cutting etheric cords, you open your energy field up for more loving interactions from your actual present self. You meet people where you are right now, not as an overshadowed version of yourself.

Cut ties with your parents

You don’t need to have abusive parents in order to share etheric cords with them. Every little thing in your childhood (feeling inferior, guilty, shamed, etc. for the most unimportant reasons) leave an emotional wound that will be carried on in your adult life and cause you to attract situations that make you feel similar to the ones that once created the etheric cords. So, don’t feel bad for cutting cords with people you deeply love. As mentioned before, they never serve you and they also never serve the other side of the connection. Cutting cords with someone doesn’t mean to ‘disconnect’ spiritually, it means letting go of past energies that don’t serve you anymore and making space for better, untainted communication and more loving interactions.

Our parents are the first and most formative emotional connection we experience. No matter if your childhood was beautiful or challenging, you certainly have etheric cords with our parents that need to be cut.

How to cut etheric cords

Find a quiet place where you can be alone and won’t be disturbed. Sit down cross legged or in a chair. If you have a sacred space in your home, this is the perfect spot (read more about sacred spaces here)! Once you feel relaxed, close your eyes and set the intention to only invite beings of love and light into your presence. Take a few deep breaths to calm down and start thinking about the person you want to cut cords with.

Feel into your body and try to locate where the cords are most prevalent. You may notice that you can tell by the location of the cords, which kind of  relationship you have to the person. With someone very close to you emotionally, you will share the cords mainly in your heart area and in your solar plexus. If you mainly had a sexual relationship with someone, the cords will most likely be located in the sacral area. Please notice, that we usually have cords with one and the same person in different areas of our (energetic) body. There’s a ‘main’ connection point with most people, depending on your relationship and shared experiences.

Once you’ve located the cords, observe how they appear to you. They can have any form and shape: a sparkling string, heavy chains, organic material much like a umbilical cord,… it can also shape shift from one to the other or you simply don’t ‘see’ the cords at all. Whatever it is, let it be and observe it for a little while.

When you feel ready, start pulling the cords, beginning from the area in your body where you can feel them the least. Don’t just imagine pulling the cords out of your body, actually move your arms and hands as if you would pull out energy from your body. Work your way up to the area in which you can feel the cords most intensely and don’t stop before you feel some sort of ‘relief’ and a ‘drop’ in energy. You will notice when the cord is cut / pulled, because you immediately will feel much lighter in the area of your body.

Once you feel like all the cords have been removed, imagine the cords – from the ends up – dissolving into nothingness, just like a wick.
Start to breathe into the areas of your body that you’ve just pulled the cords from and fill them with light with each breath you take. Collect the energy through your crown and though your base like two streams of light coming from the sky and from the earth, meeting in your body. Let yourself be filled with that light, which now shall replace the cords and restore your original energy without any attachment to your past challenges or baggage that isn’t yours.

When you feel ready, open your eyes.

You can repeat this practice with everyone you feel the need to cut cords with.



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