What is visualization?

Visualization is a the act of intentional day dreaming in order to attract desired things or circumstances in our life. Everything we physically attract in our experience (may it be things, situations or circumstances) already exists on a higher dimension, since our universe is constantly expanding (and therefore infinite). Everything you desire, everything you can think of is already there on some level.

Our intentions are powerful. Whatever we visualize, we spend creative energy on. Creative energy is the starting point for every manifestation and therefore the key element for us to be able to attract the desired outcome to show up in our physical life.

The problem

To practice visualization is one of the most powerful tools we can use to manifest the life we desire. The mistake we often make, is that we daydream about things with a sense of longing and not with a feeling of empowerment. Longing for something will only reflect back more of that longing into our lives and it will not actually bring us closer to attract the very things we desire.

Visualization is only as powerful as the feeling we’re radiating with it. It’s more about what we feel than what we visualize. The real secret is to concentrate so much on what we visualize, that we’re making ourselves believe that we’re actually in the situation and circumstances which we’re making up in our mind.

Tips on how to actually visualize

The following tips will help you to understand why your visualization may not work and what you could practice in order to use this manifestation tool more powerfully.

meditation visualization mindful manifestationTip 1: Use your imperfections as a manifestation accelerator

Even though we most likely try to manifest a more abundant lifestyle or any other ‘improvement’ in our life through visualization, it is important (especially as a beginner) to start out humble and realistic. Visualization is much more powerful, when you’re easily able to ‘project yourself’ onto the situation you’re visualizing and if you can identify with the person you are in your visualization. Stay away from visualizing an unrealistically improved version of yourself (physically and emotionally) and keep it accessible. Same goes for the things you want to attract. Yes, picture your dream house, see it in all the details, but also see yourself doing something you’d actually be doing. If you’re a messy person, you can use this ‘realness’ to visualize yourself in your dream house, but it’s not perfectly organized like a pinterest room. Use your little quirks and ‘weaknesses’ to give your visualization that relatability and don’t try to come up with an unrelatable, fairytale version of who you are.

The dissonance of your current self and your fairytale self will make your visualization feel less powerful, inaccessible and almost a little bit discouraging, because it will make you feel like you, just as you are in this moment, can’t attract the things you desire, but only your fairytale version can.

Tip 2: Know this

As it is a universal law, we can’t think of something that is not already there. Visualizing is like a peek into a parallel timeline, a timeline that is already in existence, only vibrating on another frequency than the one we’re currently on. By tricking ourselves into really, really feeling as if we’re already ‘there‘ – and even if it’s just for the time of the visualization – we vibrationally access this timeline which then makes us a better match to it. Or should I say… it changes our frequency so that we can be a match to a timeline that is already a possibility?!

Make yourself very aware of the fact that what you want is already there and is just waiting for you to manifest into physical form. By visualizing and actively (creatively) focusing on the very things you desire, you’re strengthening the frequency and pull it closer in your own resonance field.

Tip 3: Binaural Beats

For a powerful visualization you really want to take your time and dive deep into your practice. It’s all about making this experience as real as possible. To cancel any outside noise that may distract you, you can use earphones and listen to binaural beats. Binaural beats are certain frequencies that stimulate both hemispheres of our brain and help us to go deeper into a meditative state (visualization is just an active version of meditation). Simply look up ‘Binaural Beats’ on Youtube and you will find many tracks. Find out which ones work best for you.

Tip 4: Notice the details

Visualization is your permission to daydream hard. Daydream so hard, you can’t differ it from reality anymore. Daydream so hard, you feel it in every cell of your body. The more details you add, the better. Feel in your visualization, smell and hear. How does the wall of the house feel that you’re visualizing? What does it smell like when you’re baking your favorite vegan cookies in your beautiful kitchen? How does it feel to lay on the wooden floor where the sun hits? Can you feel the little stones and twigs sticking to your bare feet as you’re walking through your luscious green garden? Really enjoy the time of your visualization and spend time on all these little (but important) things to make your experience as real and as graspable as possible.

Tip 5: Let go

Let go of the attachment of your visualization manifesting in your life. Much like you would place an order in an online shop, you have to learn to trust that your order will arrive, even though you can’t physically see it yet. As soon as you hit ‘place order’, you know that your package will arrive within the next few days. Try to do the same with your visualizations. Even though it might take longer for them to arrive, still hold that trust and knowing that they have been heard and that your visualizations will become your reality in divine timing or that something even better (that you might not be aware of yet) is on the way.

If you feel like you’re losing touch with and trust in your visualizations, go back into your visualization space (aka visualize over and over again), to keep yourself a match to the frequency.

Tip 6: Visit your sacred space

If you have a sacred space in your home (a place where you meditate and do your spiritual practice), go there to visualize whenever it’s possible. You’re most likely subconsciously trained to go into a meditative state more easily when you’re in your sacred space. So, use that habit and dive deep. If you don’t have a sacred space yet but would love to create one for yourself, make sure to check out my blog post about how to create your own sacred space (even if you don’t have much room for it!). You can check out the blog post here.

One last reminder

Longing will not create what you’re longing for, feeling what you’re longing for will attract it into your life.


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