What is a sacred space and why should you have one?

A sacred space is simply a space in your own home that you can hang out in to actively practice your spirituality, to journal, to meditate, to read and do all kinds of mind expanding and soul nourishing things in. The best case scenario would be to be able to have a whole room as your sacred space, but literally anyone can create a sacred space, no matter how big or small your house / room is. A tiny corner in your room that you commit to keeping uncluttered is enough to create a wonderful sanctuary for your spiritual practice.

In this post I want to share with you why it is so beneficial to have a sacred space to go to and how you can start creating your own today!

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1. Make room for your Sacred Space

To find the perfect spot in your home to create your sacred space, think about where you feel the most comfortable in your home. Your sacred space should be something you look forward going into. I advise to find a spot in your bedroom because it is the room you most likely won’t be interrupted in and you can just peacefully switch from your bed into your sacred space in the morning and vice versa in the evening.

You don’t have to dedicate a whole room or a big part of your home to your sacred space. Literally a little space next to your bed or pillow in front of your night stand can make a beautiful sacred space. Keep it simple, creative and suitable to your surroundings and possibilities. If you have a hard time finding a spot in your home, try to set priorities:
Do you really need a make up desk or can you sacrifice it in return to a sacred space that will benefit your spiritual practice and mental wellbeing? Can you get rid of some stuff to make room for an uncluttered corner you can create your sacred space in?

2. Make it cozy

It is extremely important to declutter your sacred space and to make it look calm. Decorating adds to the coziness and wellbeing of your space, but don’t go overboard with it. You only want to have items in your sacred space that spark joy within your soul and that make you feel like you’re in a high vibe. Find the objects that make you feel inspired, high vibe and that you consider healing and sacred to have around. This can be crystals, your favorite tarot cards, some decoration you really love,….
Make sure to not put any emotionally charged items into your sacred space, you wan’t to keep the frequency clean and you want to fill it with your own energy. You can also keep your favorite books or ebook reader nearby if your spiritual practice includes reading.

3. Get a journal

If you’re already journaling – perfect! If you’ve never tried it before, get yourself a journal and put it into your sacred space. Journaling is such a powerful, calming and healing tool to implement into your spiritual practice. Having a journal in your sacred space encourages you to write down thoughts, dreams, meditations, etc. and to keep track of your spiritual evolution. Journaling really helps to bring all your thoughts, feelings and spiritual experiences in the physical realm and ground them into your being. By writing them down by hand, you’re really taking in that info.

Make sure to have a journal that you actually really like. You should like how the paper feels, how it looks, even how it smells and how you hold it in your hands. Your journal is just as sacred and the other parts of your space and you only want to use one that you LOVE. You could even make getting your journal a little ritual: Go to your favorite book store, find the journal section, slow down and spend time picking ‘the one’.

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4. Plants and Crystals

Crystals are little energy cleansers and amplifiers. I love having crystals in my sacred space and they are an important part of my spiritual practice. Just having them around and meditating with them is aiding me immensely. Crystals are actually conscious beings, just like you and me. I wrote a more detailed blog post about crystals and which ones are the perfect ones for beginners;  you can read it HERE.

Plants also hold a high vibration and make your sacred space more ‘lively’ in a serene way. Some plants also literally cleanse the air around you and create a healthy environment. You can easily find out which plants are air purifying by reading the labels they come with!

Here’s a list of some plants known for purifying the air:

  • Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
  • Rubber Plants (Ficus elastic)
  • Areca Palms (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)
  • Dwarf Date Palm (Phoenix Roebelenii)
  • Ficus (Ficus benjamina)
  • Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)
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5. Lighting

You should consider getting some kind of lighting for your sacred space. Candle light is always nice and cozy, but if you want to journal, do tarot readings or read books in the evening without lighting up the whole room, it can be helpful to have a warm, cozy light. Himalayan salt lamps are a great pick! They’re not too pricey and they give off the most soothing light ever. If you want to spend a little bit more, some of them even come with a dimmable lamp that you can adjust to your needs. Himalayan salt lamps purify the air as well which is another bonus!

Another great idea is to hang up fairy lights, these are super cozy too! Please pick warm/white light and not cold light. The blue light in cold light is signaling your brain to be awake and active. In your spiritual practice you want to calm down and be more in a hazy kinda state that opens your mind for the cosmic information and sets your brain up for relaxation.

6. Essential Oils, Diffuser, Pillow Mist, Incense

Our sense of smell is another thing that we can use to get into a calm state.. and who doesn’t want their room to smell nice? Essential oils that you can rub onto your temples, put into a diffuser or spray around in your sacred space before starting your spiritual practice is a nice ‘mini ritual’ to implement. Lavender is my go to – it is said to calm down the mind, make you feel more relaxed and helps you to sleep better. Perfect for your cozy space!

You can also use incense for a nice smell and a good vibes. I love burning frankincense and dried herbs on a stove if I’m planning to go into a deep meditation or spend a long amount of time in my sacred space. For shorter visits, I use incense sticks or a nice aura spray / pillow spray.

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7. High Frequency Music

Another great thing to do is listening to high frequency music. Sound and vibration have a direct effect on our bodies and minds. We, as humans, have (are) a certain frequency that correlates with the frequencies around us. This is why it is hard to stay positive if there’s a lot of negativity around us; we’re directly being affected by the ‘bad vibes’ around us and it’s dragging down our own frequency.

High frequency music is suited to interact with our human frequency in a way that it is calming and uplifting to us. Different frequencies (measured in Hz) can elevate our well being and sound healing is a form of energetic medicine.
Below, I linked some of my favorite high frequencies you can easily find on Youtube. I love listening to these (depending on what I’m doing)!

8. Consistency

It is important that you actually show up in your sacred space. Try to implements it as a daily ritual, even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes out of your day! Like brushing your teeth, going to your sacred space, soaking up the positive energy and just being present in the moment should be a routine. You don’t have to practice all the things you love doing each day (because sometimes, we truly just don’t ‘feel like it’, right?), but see it as a form of self love to be consistent in going into your sacred space and keep it uncluttered at all times. Like the name says, this is your sacred space. You don’t put any stuff in there, you don’t use it as a storage room… it is your little high vibrational sanctuary.

I hope you feel inspired to create your own sacred space and that you will benefit from having such an important tool to manifest and embody your highest self.


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