What is the Cosmic Self?

Our cosmic self (also called ‘higher self‘) is the consciousness beyond our human self. It is a higher dimensional (more knowledgable) version of us and – simply said – is the link between source energy (the absolute of the creator consciousness) and our human expression. Our cosmic self is the consciousness that wanted to experience life on earth and decided to project a lower vibrational blueprint of itself further into a human perspective. Our cosmic self is the being that we have been projected forth from and that we will go back to in between incarnations. It co-exists with our human self in this very moment and is a independent (yet connected) entity / incorporeal consciousness. Our cosmic self is the summation of everything and everyone we’ve ever been and is the consciousness ‘beyond’ all our incarnations on all different dimensions and planets. We’re looking at the cosmic self from our human perspective in this article and thus I refer to the ‘cosmic self’ and the ‘human self’, but there are many different incarnations and fractals of your cosmic self having an individual experience simultaneously that ‘belong’ to the same cosmic self.

Our cosmic self does not experience attachment to any human desires, needs or emotions and is free of judgement and polarities (yet still able to perceive them).

Where is the Cosmic Self located?

The cosmic self is multidimensional. It is not in ‘one place’, because it spreads through different dimensions. A dimension is not really a physical place, it is a frequency that exists simultaneously to the frequency of your physical, human self . Because the frequency is higher than what you can perceive with your physical senses, you’re unable to directly connect to your cosmic self in a way like you would connect to another person. Imagine it like light waves you are unable to see: UV and infrared are invisible to the human eye, yet they are measurable frequencies of light and they can be around you without you taking any notice of it. UV and infrared therefore exist on another ‘dimension’ that you can not directly or not at all access.

If you think of different dimensions as layers (which they aren’t, but it helps us to understand the concept of dimensions), your physical body is placed on the 3rd dimension (3D). ‘Above’ you are the higher (non physical) dimensions: 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and so on. With the 4th dimension (4D) being the dimension of your thoughts, dreams and imagination, your cosmic self is located in the 5th dimension (5D) and spreads through many higher dimensions ‘above’. The higher this consciousness of your cosmic self gets, the less individual it becomes until it melts back in the godhead (source energy) at on point. Since this is all happening simultaneously, you’re existing as a multidimensional being. Part of you exists as a human being (or any other physical being) in 3D, part of you exists as your mind, thoughts and dreams in 4D, and part of you exists as your cosmic self on several higher dimensions.

Does the Cosmic Self know about my human experience?

Even though dimensions are not literal layers, try to imagine the cosmic self as a ‘higher’ layer and your human self as a ‘lower’ layer within these layered dimensions.

The cosmic self on the higher layers can look down to the lower layers and to your human self. In contrast, the human self can’t directly ‘look up’ to the layers above and ‘see’ the cosmic self. This is because the higher frequency of your cosmic self entails all of your lower frequency aspects while the lower frequency of your human self does not entail the entire higher frequency of your cosmic self.

This means, your cosmic self is fully aware of you (probably watching you right now to see if this wisdom sparks something in you), but you are not fully aware of your cosmic self. As humans, we forget about our cosmic self as soon as we incarnate on this planet. It is something we all have agreed to before coming here, and our task is to remember that we are much more powerful than it seems. Our cosmic self is always connected to us, no matter if we remember it or not.

How can I connect to my Cosmic Self?

As you move up in these dimensions, existence becomes less and less individual and less dense. Different aspects of the cosmic self are spread through different dimensions and hold a different frequency. The ‘higher’ the dimension, the more difficult it gets to connect with it from our human perspective. In the physical realm it is hard to hold a lot of spiritual energy, because everything here is more dense (physical) and the amount of spiritual energy from a very high dimension wouldn’t be able to ‘fit’ into a physical frame. The connection and communication gets too cryptic and can’t be perceived because there is a vibrational gap between your human aspect and a very high aspect of you that is vibrationally very close to source / oneness / the infinite creator.

The higher vibrational part of you that you can connect with from a 3rd dimensional perspective are the aspects of your cosmic self vibrating on the frequency of the 5th and 6th dimension. These aspects are very aware of your human self and able to connect with you, or should I say, you’re able to connect with them. From your human standpoint, the most obvious way to feel your higher self communicating with you is through your intuition. Your intuition is not just a primal instinct, it is a highly spiritual tool and cosmic wisdom you hold within your soul matrix. Your intuition is quite literally your cosmic or higher self or at least the aspects you can connect with from your human perspective. This means, in order to connect with your cosmic self, you need to learn to trust your intuition and fine tune yourself towards its messages and hints. Your cosmic self is a highly advanced and very wise consciousness that is actively communicating with you through your intuition, your emotions and your ‘gut feeling’.

A new age misconception about the Higher Self / Cosmic Self

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of misconceptions about the cosmic self in the spiritual community. A lot of people state that the ‘cosmic self’ or the ‘higher self’ is the highest potential you can ‘achieve’ in your physical life. While this is not entirely wrong and making decisions based on our intuition (cosmic self) will lead us to a more fulfilled and successful life, I think it is important to understand the full picture. Thinking of the cosmic self as a ‘potential’ or ‘goal’ of the self implies, that we are not yet our own cosmic self.

Here lays the misconception. We are more our cosmic self than we are our human self. Our cosmic self is the literal accumulation of all of our wisdom throughout countless incarnations and experiences, from different perspectives, beings, species, etc.

The ‘highest expression of our human self’ and our ‘higher self / cosmic self” are two different things, which shouldn’t be confused. The highest expression of our human self is more of a choice, a timeline. By listening to your intuition, you’re following the guidance of your cosmic self and therefore have a better chance to step into your full potential as if you’d make your decisions solely based on your mind and logic.

The guidance you’re receiving to step into your highest expression is coming from your cosmic self though, which is an entire being, a wise consciousness and a large, large part of your soul. Your higher parts of your soul are literally guiding the lower parts of your soul. But in the end it is all you. A whole, sovereign wise being experiencing life on different dimensions, with different levels of consciousness.

In the spiritual community we are already too obsessed with self improvement, so thinking about the cosmic self as a higher version of us that we have to ‘level up to’ can be quite toxic and therefore lead us further into the abyss of feeling ‘not good enough’. It is not about ‘leveling up’ to some version of us, it is about realizing that we already ARE that ‘higher version’ and about removing the layers of illusion that make us believe we aren’t.
A sacred, spiritual truth is being tainted by trying to push it in a ‘physical box’ and make the cosmic self nothing more than a mindset, a potential, a future version of us that we’re trying to become.

I just want to make this very clear: No matter which karmic cycles your physical self might still find itself in – your cosmic self is already a part of you, you are a part of your cosmic self. It is playing out different aspects, it is experiencing life in all forms and by strengthening the connection we have the possibility to align more in the physical reality with what we already are in the cosmic reality.


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