I didn’t grow up in a religious family, I never went to church or bible studies. I even switched from religion to ethics class in school when I was deeply involved in the gothic subculture. My connection to God or Jesus was non-existent and for a long time, I believed it was nothing more than an ideology or fiction and that spirituality had nothing to do with all of that. 

Ironically, the one thing that brought me closer to God and Jesus was the New Age movement. 

Faith in God and the New Age are often portrayed as an opponent. If you search through Youtube there are tons and tons of ‘testimonies’ of people who deem the New Age to be the Devil’s work after they’ve fully emerged in it for years until they reconnected with their faith in God. There are clearly two sides; one being the ‘New Age’ and the other one being ‘a Christian’ or ‘Jesus follower’. For the people making these testimonies, Jesus and the New Age do not work well together. Without trying to disrespect any of these people’s belief systems or personal experiences, I strongly disagree with that. 

Manipulation through Belief Systems

The New Age runs the risk of being misused just like any other ‘religion’ by individuals who see personal benefits from controlling a group of people. This dynamic works over and over again with all kinds of belief systems, because people tend to run away from their emotional baggage and problems and try to find stability in a shared ideology or religion. We are trained to obey authority, to follow rules and guidelines given to us with no further explanation and without questioning if they even make sense. So, for a lot of people, the structures found in religions equal safety and familiarity. They have an almighty God above them, they have rules to follow (may they be good or bad) and they can give away their power to a higher being who’s in charge and who they have to worship to gain their mercy. You can take any religion, belief system, the New Age, and turn it into a manipulative and toxic environment dominated by individuals who either work with fear or spiritualize their own ego and portray themselves as some kind of all-knowing guru. Unfortunately, we see that happening a lot with it being labeled as ‘New Age Spirituality’ even though that has nothing to do with true spirituality.

The New Age as an escape

I think escapism pushes many people in the direction of the New Age. Consciously or subconsciously, they’re looking for stability and validation instead of actually coming from a place of seeking a deeper understanding of our existence. The ‘love and light’ front of the New Age pulls them in and at first, it’s all very beautiful and their life seems to suddenly have a deeper meaning and purpose. They learn how to manifest and how to manipulate energy for their benefit – it’s all great! Unicorns and rainbows!

…And then – suddenly – shit hits the fan. The manifestations no longer work, there’s a sense of loneliness and all these negative emotions are coming up. A spiritual awakening has not much to do with the ‘love and light’ part everybody knows about. Yes, we find inner peace through spiritual knowledge, through being grounded in ourselves due to the ability to access our inherent wisdom. But before that’s even close, there is so much work to do. And this work is emotionally challenging. If we open ourselves up to our higher potential, we need to work through all the stuff that is preventing us from embodying our highest potential. This includes our shadow self; the parts and emotions of ourselves we deemed ‘unloveable’ and therefore pushed away, it includes ancestral trauma that we’ve been carrying around since forever, personal trauma from traumatic experiences we had in our life. Before we can access our inherent light, we need to go through a process of catharsis, also called ‘the dark night of the soul’. To fully walk that path of enlightenment (literally enlightening the dark parts of our soul) takes a lot of commitment and strength and not many people are ready for that level of commitment.

Unprocessed emotions, limiting beliefs about the self, or suppressed traumatic experiences that are coming up are being seen as an ‘attack’ or ‘devil’s work’ by those who are not ready to face their own demons and instead choose to blame it on a diabolic, unknown entity outside of them.

Because their original (subconscious) motive for being involved in spiritual practices wasn’t to seek the truth but to find stability, the New Age doesn’t provide that for them anymore once they are confronted with their own shadow aspects and with all the upcoming emotions, they push away the entire New Age and their spiritual lifestyle and deem it bad, dangerous or misleading. Turning to a man-made religion that puts the power outside of oneself and doesn’t require this level of personal work and self-reflection is the easier, less painful option (and side note: I totally get that and I judge no one for not being ready to dive into the depths of their own soul.).

My personal path with God

Going back to my personal experience, the New Age movement has brought me closer to God and Jesus than I’ve ever been before. For the first time in my life, I was forced to work through my own shadows and to get to the base of who I truly am. I got to know myself as energy, as a soul, without any attachment to my personality or to the idea of who I am. I could feel my connection to God first hand, with no need to follow any religion or ideology. I formed a strong connection to the consciousness, the essence of Jesus, and began to see him as the spiritual being he is. A lightworker who came to earth with an energetic mission and who was able to remember, and not fall victim to the veil of forgetfulness that lets every soul incarnating on earth fall into amnesia.

It finally clicked to me and so many dots were connected. The star above Bethlehem – a lightship. Mary Magdalene – the female counterpart to the energy of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ resurrection – the ability of a light being to transcend the illusion of death and materialize in a physical body in order to communicate with the physical dimension.

I learned to tell the difference between the man-made version of Jesus and the parts that are living as truth inside of me. I realized that I am capable of connecting with this energy, as it lives within every one of us, and seeking the truth from within is what shall set us free.

Being part of the gothic scene in my teens helped me as well because I would question religion and the way how sacred knowledge is being used for political or financial interests. Even if it was more of a rebellion against society and the desire to stand out and ‘be different’, the deeper reason for me being attracted to that kind of lifestyle when I was younger was the deeply rooted knowledge that there is more to our existence than what we’re taught in school. I’ve always had this inner rebel in me who wanted to know the truth, who sought enlightenment and connection to the non-physical world. Being part of the gothic subculture lead me on my path of awakening from a very young age and now – many years later – I can see how I was so attracted to the darkness, to the macabre yet magical world of gothic culture. There were a lot of unseen, unhealed parts within me that I needed to acknowledge. The gothic scene helped me to express these parts in a healthy way, to identify with the darkness that was seeping up from within in order to eventually process it and move on. This was not planned or conscious, but now that I’m older and have worked through many of my shadows, I see the pattern very clearly. It was all meant to be this way.

How I see God today

A belief that is very popular in the New Age movement is that we’re in fact God. God is not outside of ourselves but lives in everyone and everything that is in existence. I agree with that, but it is a very simplified version of what I know to be my truth.

No matter if you believe in creation or evolution or any other theory that might be out there, whatever is in existence stems from the same source. No matter how, when, or why it happened, there was never ‘two’ or ‘several’ in the beginning. Even if you would be able to think of ‘nothing’ (which is impossible, try it out) the least that’s there is the potential for something to ‘become’. It all stems from an absolute, an origin ‘before existence’.

This means God and everyone/everything else in existence is the same, showing up as many. Like the ocean can be split up in single, individuated drops.

So yes, I agree. God is in us because we are all coming from the same creator source. But since we’re living in a multidimensional universe, it is not as easy as that. If we would see everyone and everything as absolutely equal, we would not be able to differentiate between you and me and we’d have to assume that we’re all living the same life, feeling the same emotions, making the same experiences. This is not the case.

Going back to the example with the ocean… Imagine the ocean as an all-knowing consciousness, as God that entails everything in existence. Whatever this consciousness creates is part of it, even though it can take a different form. From this consciousness (ocean) different streams go off in different directions and the stream going to the left makes a different experience than the stream going to the right. They’re able to perceive each other as two separate streams, yet, they’re still flowing from the same source. Several, individual drops are taken out of the left stream and they’re all making different experiences as well. Every single drop sees themselves as a separate entity and might still perceive themselves as part of the left stream. The ocean, however, feels ‘far away’ and outside of them and they most likely don’t perceive themselves as the ocean, even though they are technically still part of it.

The ocean has a lot more power/consciousness than a single drop from the left stream and therefore is ‘superior’ and more conscious than a single drop, even though a drop is still the ocean. It is a paradox.

If we say that a drop from the left stream symbolizes a human being, then the left stream is the higher (more conscious) expression of the human being. The ocean symbolizes oneness and therefore a higher (more conscious) expression of the left stream. Does this dynamic make the drop NOT be the ocean? No. The drop is a less conscious version of the ocean. Humans are a less conscious version of God. We are God, but we are not the highest version of God and we can perceive God inside, as well as outside of us, and both are correct.

So, saying ‘I am God’ is not wrong, but screams ‘ego’. We are God’s expression and we exist as God on the higher levels, but in our human costume, we are not the highest version or the most conscious self of God. We are the lower expressions of God in the spiral of creation.

We are flawed not because we’re inherently sinners, but because we’re not remembering our connection to God. The physical plane is the opposite of the spiritual plane. Just like darkness is the absence of light, the physical, third-dimensional world is the absence of access to higher consciousness. The energy here is dense and every soul that incarnates here forgets their direct connection to the higher dimensions. This is hard. It is a spiritual sacrifice. In this less conscious state, we’re unable to perceive our connectedness and we are not able to see that we’re one, because the physical separation creates an illusion of spiritual separation, which leads us (depending on how strong the grasp of the illusion is on us) to act on the absence of divinity, it leads us to ‘sin’. ‘Sinning’ could also be described as ‘acting from unconscious patterns’. 

Why the New Age brings us closer to God

No matter if religion is trying to tell us that we’re inherently a sinner or if the New Age is trying to tell us that we’re equal to God. There’s truth in both, but both are also not entirely correct. Our relationship with God is highly sacred. Just because we are God in essence, does not mean we can be just as powerful as God in our human expression. We are everything and everyone at once, but still, we’re expressing ourselves as many. We are, in essence, God. God is OUR higher expression. WE are God’s lower expression. We are God and God is us, but we’re still meeting as separate entities.

In order to strengthen our connection with God and to seek the truth, we have to start to strengthen the connection to ourselves first. Who are you? Why are you here? Try to remember what you’ve forgotten. Since God is our higher expression, God’s wisdom is accessible for us. We are the channels for that knowledge and we can receive it directly from the godly source. We don’t need a ‘holy book’, man-made religion, or any other ideology or tool from the outside that we’re accepting as truth; we need to go on a journey within to meet God instead. 

New Age might replace man-made religion, but it’s not replacing God. It just brings us closer to God because we’re encouraged to find God within. Even though it can be misused (like any belief system) the New Age plays an important role in our collective awakening. We need to let go of the stigma that we can either have faith in God or follow New Age practices. The two are not separate, they are very much intertwined and it is our task to let go of all the pre-conditioned judgement.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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