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What is Breakaway Movement?

Breakaway Movement is an online community for conscious individuals who are ready to step into their full potential and to learn the steps and development necessary to create and run an online business that thrives. Breakaway Movement currently has 1000+ (constantly growing!) members all around the world who support and co-create with one another to shift the work paradigm and to create abundance in their lives by leveraging social media and promoting a product that supports health and environmental sustainability. As your personal mentor, I will guide and help you to find abundance and fulfillment on your own journey. Breakaway Movement is a place for conscious individuals, spiritual explorers, yogis, holistic practitioners and free spirits.

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What can I expect if I join Breakaway Movement?

Our #1 strategy to start earning high ticket income

In-depth online video courses

Weekly live mastermind calls & being personally mentored by me

Social media growth tips

Self growth & mindset improvement

A conscious community of like minded souls

But the most beautiful part of this business is…

…the heart-centered and conscious community. Breakaway Movement feels like all the Indigo souls had come together to create a work reality for them that aligns with their values and desire for freedom and positive change.

Light workers, starseeds, spiritual explorers, yogis, holistic practitioners and other conscious individuals are successfully coming together to share a message of  sustainability, health and new opportunities. Be part of this beautiful movement with me as your personal mentor, helping and guiding you along your journey.

This is the New Earth rising. ♁

𓁿 Meet the Team 𓁿

These are just a few of the beautiful, heart-centered souls I get to work with every day.

Isabelle – Oh, hey! It's me!












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