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Crystal fair


Hey lovelies,

yesterday was the first hot (or at least not freezing cold) day of the year and I enjoyed it so much! The sun makes me legit 100% more happy than I already am! I went to a local crystal fair with a lovely friend and got some new babies! As some of you might already know from my social media channels I am an absolute crystals person. I meditate with them, I put them into my drinking water, they sleep in my bed with me.. haha. A crazy cat lady but with crystals!

Suitably for the occasion I took my beloved Glacce bottle* with me. I purchased it online a few weeks ago and I am obsessed! It’s a glass bottle with a real crystal built in. Mine is a rose quartz which has a soft and loving vibe to it, but you can also get clear quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz and  black obsidian.

Putting crystals into your drinking water to turn it into a crystal elixir is actually very beneficial for the body and soul. I quote from the Glacce website:

A crystal elixir is created when crystals are added to water to revitalize it. Water has memory and consciousness and when a crystal is placed in pure water, the energy of that crystal is transferred.

Besides that, these bottle simply look freaking fancy! Got the good vibes and style with me all the time now!

Cosmic kisses,

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* not sponsored, just genuinely loved

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